Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is a proven, low energy, environmentally friendly solution that will deliver and control airflow, creating a comfortable, productive environment.

Radiant Panels

Radiant heating uses linear panels to create a radiant field inside a space, heating solid objects in the room that then re-radiate heat to give a comfortable warming effect.


Variable Air Volume and Constant Air Volume units are increasingly used for the energy savings they can provide. As well as offering a reliable cost-effective ventilation solution.

Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units are connected to a building’s LTHW and chilled water systems to provide warm or cool air into a zone within a building. The units are ideally suited to open plan and cellular offices. 

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement systems are particularly suitable to cool and ventilate large internal spaces, such as high-ceilinged offices, auditoria, factories and  exhibition venues.

Air Handling Units

Delivering air volumes from around 1m³/s to in excess of 10m³/s our air handling units (AHU) can provide ventilation, heating, cooling and filtration as well as humidity control to a wide range of buildings.

Grilles & Diffusers

Our grille and diffuser range has been developed to meet the needs of a full spectrum of applications, design and performance requirements. 

Trench Heating

Our trench heaters are designed to provide thermal comfort in spaces with large external glass walls.

Weather Louvres

Our external louvres are suitable for intake or exhaust applications and are designed to provide protection against general weather conditions.