VAV and CAV Systems

Variable & constant air volume

RS Circular VAV

KS1 Single Blade Rectangular VAV

PRPV-C Circular CAV

Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Constant Air Volume (CAV) units are increasingly used for the energy savings they can provide. As well as offering a reliable, cost-effective ventilation solution they can also offer heating and cooling.

VAV systems vary the amount of air supplied to a given area, offering lower energy consumption of central air handling plant. Local reheat coils can be supplied for zone heating requirements. CAV systems deliver a constant flow of air into a specified area offering ventilation and temperature control. Attenuation can be integrated or separate from either system.

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The Benefits



Our Variable Air Volume (VAV) units enable the required amount of air to be delivered to a space for ventilation or cooling purposes. A control signal allows the actuator to adjust the damper position to increase, decrease, or shut off airflow. The amount of air flow is determined by the velocity flow grid which continuously measures air velocity in the system ductwork. This means that our VAV units can respond to environmental changes such as increased occupancy or cooling demand and adjust air flow according to signals from a local or central control system providing good air quality whilst avoiding excessive ventilation.



Our VAV units can also act as a Constant Air Volume (CAV) unit providing a set amount of airflow independent of changes elsewhere in the system. Alternatively, we also offer mechanical CAV units that operate without a power supply.


All our units have a double wall option which includes fire resistant acoustic lining. ASL & ASK attenuators are available for all our rectangular units to reduce sound output, some units have integral attenuators.